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Business Consulting

Branding Consulting 

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Business Growth Mindset

Small, Medium, and Large Business Consulting 

Consulting with start-ups, freelancers existing businesses, and management teams.


HR Consulting

Leadership & Career Coaching
Talent Development

Employer Branding Development

Educational Services

• Learning Center: Assessments, Certifications, Courses, Workshops, and Training

• Educational Curriculum Development & Design

Business Development Services

Our Business Development consulting encompasses a wide scope of ideas, activities, and initiatives that a business owner or management team can implement to improve business goals. We specialize in personalizing your entire experience to fit your organizational needs. We conduct diagnostic assessments in order to tailor a unique plan that focuses on achieving your goals.

You don’t have to manage your business alone; we are here to help you!

What we offer:

Branding Consulting

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Develop a Business Growth Mindset

Small, Medium, and Large Business Consulting

Consulting with start-ups, freelancers, existing businesses, and management teams.

Human Resources Services

HR is a key player in helping any organization stay ahead of the competition. They do this by ensuring they remain proactive, understand new market challenges, and implement the correct strategies. Today’s job market is largely influenced by emotions and social media presence. Therefore, it’s important for HR to understand these forces in order to attract, recruit, and retain the best talent. If you need an extra hand, we’re here to help!

We offer experienced strategic advice and a personalized, high-touch approach to human resources. This includes employer branding consulting, leadership and career coaching, education, training, and human resource solutions for corporate and small businesses. What makes us unique is the integration of innovation, customization, and cutting-edge strategies in all our programs and consulting.

Leadership & Career Coaching

It’s never been harder to lead than it is now. Disruption is everywhere, and it’s up to leaders to ensure their teams are thriving. Leadership coaching allows individuals to develop and improve upon their strengths, talents, skills and competencies to work more effectively with others. We focus on supporting leaders through a personalized coaching program to help them improve their leadership skills. 

It is ideal for: 

  • Developing and Strengthening Leadership skills
  • Enhanced performance
  • Empowerment
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Work/Life Balance

We are living in an insecure and unstable world. Therefore, we must learn how to navigate potential career changes without feeling lost. LET US HELP YOU PLAN! 

Our career coaching services can help career transitioners, professionals seeking a promotion, and even those feeling disoriented. We focus on assisting people in establishing the right career goals, devising a plan, and overcoming obstacles. Having greater fulfillment in your career is possible; LET US SHOW YOU! 

It is ideal for:

  • Job Seekers
  • Career Transitions
  • Military Transitioners & Spouses
  • Professional seeking advancement or career planning
Talent Development

     We specialize in the following:

  • Career Plan Development
  • Succession Planning Program
  • Outplacement Programs
Employer Branding Development
  • Employer Branding Consulting
  • Brand Ambassador Academy Programs
  • Emotional Salary Strategies and Analysis
  • Social Media Policy Creation and Evaluation

Educational Services

Learning is an ongoing process, and today’s demanding, fast-paced world requires constant learning. Therefore, we provide instruction and training in various subjects specializing in tailoring your needs. Our services are offered to organizations, schools, colleges, universities, and training centers. What makes us unique is our bilingual team with international offering and expertise. For us, learning must be dynamic, challenging, and fun. It must be an experience!

Our educational services can support your organization or institution by bringing dynamic alternatives and solutions to your workforce and students’ needs. For example, we can help you develop programs to reskill or upskill your workforce. And we can also support you by creating innovative curriculums, training, workshops, and courses.

Our dynamic instruction can be offered in a variety of ways to fit your organization’s needs or challenges. We offer flexibility in delivery methods, such as in-person, remote, or hybrid, without sacrificing the quality of the experience. The uniqueness of our services relies on our global approach to our instructional design, vast real-world knowledge, and our experienced instructors.


Learning Center: Assessments, Certifications, Courses, Workshops, and Training

Our Learning Center provides professional development, empowerment, growth, and support for employees and professionals. We provide different training, certifications, and courses that enrich skills to drive better business or career performance. Many of our offerings are through hybrid or online learning.

We specialize in the following:



This is the only web-based psychological system that measures cognitive diversity.

More Details

MindSonar® helps understand a person’s thinking and communication style (Metaprograms) and their decision criteria (What they consider important) in a single test. It assumes that you will think differently in different situations. MindSonar® does not assume that any thinking style is good or bad. Every thinking style has its time and place where it can be helpful.

It is offered in 7 languages and is 100% Internet-based. It is used for Recruitment and Selection, Team Building, Conflict resolution, Communication, Personal and Leadership Development, Change Management, and more. We have certified MindSonar professionals- Contact us for a free sample.


The first assessment that measures the quality of the Emotional Salary…. and tells you how to improve it!

More Details

Job satisfaction surveys are in the past because having a global report cannot give you true employee satisfaction. In other words, these surveys are used for global decision-making, but if you are looking for something specific and to find out about authentic leadership and what they value in your company, then you need TARRIX®.

It is an evaluation that measures the 9 aspects of the Emotional Salary:

  • Equipment and tools
  • Life cycle in the company
  • cheap salary
  • Future expectations
  • work/life balance
  • challenge/learning
  • Culture
  • Personal growth
  • Relationship with the immediate boss

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MindSonar International Certification

Available in English and Spanish

Be part of the select group of Hispanic Coaches who use this world-class tool.

More Details

MindSonar® helps executive and personal Coaches to understand a person’s thinking and communication style (Metaprograms) as well as their decision criteria (What they consider important); all this in a single test; it is like having up to 5 Coaching sessions in 1 only. As a result, generate more and better results, serve more clients and become a leader in your industry by helping more people and teams of people in less time. Get certified with MindSonar®, a 100% Internet-based psychological measurement generated by Dr. Jaap Hollander in Holland and recommended by significant personalities from the world of Coaching and NLP, such as Tim Hallbom and Robert Dilts.
Learn more about the certification here

Emotional Paycheck Ambassador Certification

Available in Spanish

Whatever work you do, you receive two types of salary; the first is the economic salary and the second is the Emotional Salary®.

More Details

Whatever work you do, you receive two types of salary; the first is the economic salary that is delivered in the country’s current currency and that you can transform into the goods and services you want to obtain.
The second is the Emotional Salary®, delivered in experiences, emotions, and expectations within the work environment. This new job market demands leaders, supervisors, and many other professionals to understand and be able to implement emotional salary strategies. Therefore, you need to get certified; learn more here

Courses/ Programs

Au Pair Weekend Class at Old Dominion University

English Only

Today’s job market demands that individuals obtain specific skills to be competitive and employable. Au pairs, learn how with ODU!

More Details

Programa: Emprende con tu Marca

Spanish Only

Now is a great moment to become an entrepreneur using your knowledge, skills, abilities, and unique experience. We will teach you how to use your brand to create your company.

More Details

Dream Builders: The Business Creator

Powered by The Women’s Business Center at ODU: English and Spanish

Make your dream a reality…enroll in the DreamBuilder entrepreneurial training program! In 9 weeks, you will complete your Business Plan and increase your business knowledge

More Details

WORLD Career Coaching Program

English and Spanish

Is your teen having a difficult time choosing a career? Is your family in need of support for this next big step? Then WORLD Career Coaching Program is your best solution.

More Details

We help teens and their families work as a team to make sound decisions about their future life and career. We offer individual coaching and group sessions. We can also bring this program to your school or organization; ask us for more information.

Click here to learn more

Customized Workshops & Training

Our workshops and trainings can be completely customized to support our client’s goals. First, we provide an initial diagnostic and evaluation plan based on the client’s needs and goals. Then we share the recommended topics and the most effective approach to present to your collaborators or stakeholders.

The topics we specialize in are the following: Personal Brand, Employer Brand, Emotional Salary, Career Planning, Entrepreneurship, Soft Skills, and Employability.

Customized Educational Curriculum Development & Design

If you are looking to design a curriculum for your organization or institution, we can help. Our design process focuses on creating an overall course blueprint, mapping content to learning objectives, and developing a course outline. Each learning objective is met with assessment strategies, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, and interactive activities. We also support presentation design.

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